Affordable Abroad Destinations

Affordable Places to Study Abroad

Studying abroad does not necessarily mean spending loads of money. Many of the best universities in abroad offer zero or minimal tuition fees. Moreover, these universities are located at such places that students need not worry much about local living costs. Let’s explore a list of Top 5 affordable places to study abroad in terms of tuition fees and overall living costs.

  • Germany :Well-known for its world-class education, Germany has become one of the top study destinations in Europe. Most public universities offering Bachelor’s or Master’s program have no or very low tuition fees for native as well as international students. While the eating out costs in Germany are comparable to that in the United States, a weekly trip to the supermarket for healthy food is pleasantly cheap. Moreover, student discounts are common in most of the German cities when it comes to transportation. Germany’s low tuition costs, combined with its strong economy, makes it an appealing choice for students who are looking to study abroad. Overall living costs in Germany is estimated to be approximately 800 EUR/month.
  • South Africa :Renowned for its natural beauty, vibrant culture and rich history, South Africa is also one of the most affordable places to study abroad. Low costs of living and tuition fees makes the place a great choice for students to pursue their education at. The living costs may vary from city to city with prosperous cities such as Cape Town & Johannesburg costing a bit more than the other cities. To cover their living costs, students will need approximately INR 96,000 (~US$8,100) per year depending on their spending habits.
  • Taiwan :When it comes to Asia, Taiwan is one of the most affordable countries to study abroad. The country has an exceptional higher education system and offers more than 120 courses taught in English at over 40 Universities. While Taiwan is a popular destination among students and professionals to learn Mandarin, it offers courses in wide variety of subjects, ranging from tropical agriculture to genetic engineering to business and more. Tuition fee for undergraduates starts at TW$100,920 (~US$3,180) per year and goes up to TW$124,200 (~US$3,900). The costs of living are also quite low, with accommodation costing as little as TW$74000 (~US$2,330) per year.
  • Argentina :Argentina, the second-largest nation in South America, is another lucrative and fairly affordable abroad study destination for international students. While State-funded universities in the country offer courses for free, private institutions charge a tuition fees of around US$5,000 per year or more. The country is marked by its low costs of living, which approximately comes to US$5,000 per year depending on one’s spending habits. Moreover, its natural beauty and diverse geography makes it ideal for students who love outdoor adventures and exploration. And did you know that over 90,000 students come here to study every year? That itself says a lot.
  • Mexico :Mexico, one of the most visited nations in Latin America, is last but not the least on our list of Top 5 affordable study abroad destinations list. Even though its capital, Mexico City, has been named in world’s top 75 cities for students, it is often overlooked by students when deciding where to go. The tuition fees vary from university to university, with private ones charging more. The average tuition fee of universities in Mexico City comes to around US$5,500. Cost of living is also reasonably low in Mexico adding up to approximately US$500 per month.